Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fried Screws

hahaha... sounds 'brutal' isn't it? Just for fun only... I am no Italiano, very hard for me to remember the name of this 'screw type' pasta. Panggil skru jer la... hahahaha... My family likes pasta but need to prepare in Malaysian (that's me... :D) ways to suit the tastebuds... hot and spicy... campur itu campur ini, whats in the fridge that suit to this, all dump in. Let's layanzzzz...

500 g 'screw' pasta - boil to cook
3 tablespoons blended onion
3 teaspoons blended garlic
4 tablespoons blended chillies (lessen or more)
100 g chicken meat - cubed
1 carrot - grated coarsely
50 g cabbage - sliced
100 g fish cake - sliced
100 g fish ball - quartered
1/2 cup frozen mixed vege
1/2 lemon
salt and sugar to taste
cooking oil
chopped scallion and chinese parsley for garnishing

Heat oil in a wok. Stir fry blended ingredients till fragrant or someone sneezing...
Dump the chicken meat, bring to half cooked. Add in the fish cake, fish ball, carrot and mixed vege. Stir till well mix.
Add in the pasta and sliced cabbage. Mix them well. Add salt and sugar to taste. Squeeze the lemon juice in and mix well.
Garnish and serve.

*psssttt... do not follow my style exactly... do your way, follow your heart... hehehehe...

Just to show off my another version of Asam Pedas only... the recipe can be found in previous entry.

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