Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Simple Pasta - suitable for cancer patient diet

I watched a program called 'Apa Chef' hosted by Chef Wan Ismail aired on TV3. Yesterday's issue was 'Cancer Patient', part of it the patient's diet. So, the recipe here was collected from the show, very simple and easy and it's delicious.

In this recipe pasta is used as pasta is made of semolina (concern about carbo), fresh mushroom (recommended) and olive oil - actioned as anti-oxident agent which the cancer patient need most.

Any type of pasta - cooked ala dante
garlic - chopped
capsicum (red, green, yellow) - diced (i add sliced green chili as i only have red caps)
shitake mushroom - sliced (I skipped, not available)
button mushroom - sliced (I used canned mushroom)
salt to taste
olive oil (sorry, i used cooking oil)

Heat up olive oil (not so much), saute garlic, add capsicums, mushrooms stir well. Add in pasta - mix well. Season with salt to taste. Ready.

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