Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Style Speghetti Olio

This is my olio style. I serve this for lunch today. I like fast and simple preparation. My guests today, prefer simple meal too... here is Speghetti Olio my style. Sorry, I use cooking oil instead of Olive Oil... Whatever...

1 pack of speghetti - cooked ala dante
5 cloves garlic - cruched and chopped
3 pcs bird chilies - crushed
1 carrot - peeled and sliced
150 gm squids - ink removed and cut into pieces
150 gm prawns - head removed
chinese parsley - chopped
3 tblsps - cooking oil (use olive if any)
salt to taste

heat oil and saute garlic to brownish. Add in chillies and carrot, cook to tender.
add squids and prawns, stir. fold in speghetti and mix well. sprinkle salt to taste. cook until all ingredients are all blended. remove from heat.
sprinkle chopped parsley and ready to serve.

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