Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nasi Goreng Bilis Telur

Sudah agak lama tiada sebarang entry disini. Sibuk yg bermacam... tak sehat, batuk dan demam datang mengikut musimnya. Dapur pun berasap mengikut musim.

Today is my 2nd day as a jobless person. I start with, as usual, my 'campak2' recipe, Nasi Goreng simple. Thought of doing that for the kids breakfast before they off for school, but my eyes opened a little late... so, this is for their lunch.

Here is the recipe:

Nasi Goreng Bilis Telur
(4-5 persons)

4 plate-full of rice
4 cloves garlic - crushed n chopped
1 bowl fried ikan bilis
1/2 bowl frozen mixed vege
4 eggs - lightly beaten
salt to taste
cooking oil

Heat-up cooking oil in a nonstick pan. Saute garlic till lightly brown.
Add in mixed vege, fry a bit.
Add in ikan bilis and rice. Mix well to cook. Season with salt.
Low the heat, stir in beaten eggs to well covered. Up the heat again, and stir and fold the rice until cooked and dried.
Ready to serve.

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