Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Parade

Lets see what I did in these few days... been very busy at the office and at home, it's hard to find the right time to update this blog. For the latest version of my cook, I will paste the recipe later. Some of them was done long (not very long actully) time ago, sorry the recipe gone with the wind... Hahaha... a lady in the middle age, the memory get lesser each day...
mee goreng / fried noodles

fried kwe tiaw

mihun goreng / fried meehoonegg pizza / piza telur (hahaha... omelet daaaa...)
kembung goreng renjis kicap / fried fish sprinkle with soy sauce
kobis panjang tumis air (just plain vege soup)
talapia belado / talapia in chillies
baby kailan in oyster sauce
cocktail - the recipe gone with the wind... hehehehe...

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