Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lemak Tempoyak Cili Api Ikan Masin

For those carrier woman who needs to be fast all the times, this recipe will help. Simple and easy to prepare, hence, it is delicious too. You can have it just with plain rice, nothing can stop you until you finish everything in the pot, I bet!!! Hehehe... that's what happened to me actually. Let's share the secret... hahaha...

1 medium size salty fish - wash out the excess salt and cut to pieces
2 tbsps fermented durian paste (tempoyak le tu... ;))
100 ml uht coconut milk (santan)
200 ml water
1 thumbsized fresh tummeric
7 pcs bird chillies (cili padi)

Ground together tummeric and chillies to fine. Mix well with tempoyak.
Put the fish and tempoyak mixture in a pot. On medium heat, bring to boil and let some water dissolve .
Mix well the santan with water. Pour into the boiling pot. Keep smooth stirring until it's boiling again. I drop some cili padi in before the fire off.
Ready to serve.

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