Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rebus Ikan Salai dan Terung Asam

This 'ikan salai' or smoked fish came all the way from Kuching. It was kept in the fridge more than a year. ehehee... actually I didn't know how to cook them. Kak Dee had taught me verbally, but I just forgot when I hung up the phone. Pity me... getting old so fast...

Tonite, I just did it my way... not bad... it's acceptable... hehehehe...

Rebus Ikan Salai dan Terung Assam

5 pcs smoked fish (3 ekor jer) - cut small pieces
1 pc terung asam - wedged
salt to taste
tamarind pulp (asam keping)
1.5 cups water

2 pcs shallots
1 garlic
2 cm ginger
2 red chillies
pinch of shrimp paste

Put everything in a pot. Bring to boil over medium heat fire until the terung split from the skin.
Ready to serve.

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