Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Style Speghetti Sauce

Ikut naluri sendiri... campak2 jer...100g tomato puree shallot & garlic - chopped finely
2 tbsp blended chilli
2 fresh tomatoes - sliced
capsicum - red & green - diced
carrot celery - diced
chilli sauce
mince meat
salt & sugar to taste
2 tsp corn flour - dissolve with water
olive oil

Heat oil in a pan. Stir fry shallots, garlic and blended chilles until you sneeze :-D... Add in tomato puree and chilli sauce, fry a bit. Then add in the meat, mix and fry and add in water. Leave to boil and throw in all vegees. Taste the salt n sugar. When everything is cooked, add in the corn flour mixture. Stir till the gravy is thickened. Ready to serve.

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