Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sayur Masak Bening

If you're javanese, you know what 'masak bening' is. It's my favourite... dah lidah jawa mmg cam tu lah. This dish is simple and easy to prepare.

It doesn't need so many ingredients, just enough if you have anchovis, shallots, sliced red chillie, salt to taste and water. Bring them to boil and drop in the vegetables. Let's simmer for 3 minutes and off fire. Serve right away.

Best serves with Sambal belacan at side and ikan goreng eeemmmmmm... wallah...

And to those who go on diet, this dish is good for you. Wah!!! macam pandaiiiiiiii gitu... and not to forget to those yang MALAS macam SAYA... hahahaha...

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