Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sambal Kicap, Tempe Dan Tauhu Goreng

Fried Tempe and Tauhu (I don't know what we call these two items made of soy bean, in English), another favourite of mine and must serve with Sambal Kicap which is always stocked-up in the fridge. Can be served anytime as we wish.
In some area in Johor State, these two items can normally be found in the coffee shop in the rural area. Don't be surprised, have it as you eat banana fritters (goreng pisang?).
Sambal Kicap

Segenggam cili api - a handful of bird chillies
3 ulas bawang putih (yg gemuk) - big cloves of garlic
Perahan asam jawa/cuka - tamarrind juice or cooking vinegar
gula sesedap rasa - sugar to taste
1/2 botol kecik kicap masin - small bottle of salty soy ketchup

Masukkan cili api, bawang putih dan kicap ke dalam blender, kisar halus. Blend finely the chillies, garlic and soy ketchup. Masukkan dalam bekas, tambahkan air asam jawa/cuka dan gula. Put in a container and add in the tamarrind juice or vinegar and enough sugar. Perap dalam sejam baru guna. Keep for, at least, an hour or longer period (even months) before serve.

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