Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lempeng Sayur

This is my childhood days favourite. I got big family and this is the best menu to prepare in the morning that time, before we off to school. I love when it served with Sambal Tumis - anykind of sambal tumis. The best is Sambal Tumis cili padi. Wow! I really like hot mannn... but this time I've to think about others especially the kids... Kalau tidak... mmg ku tumis cilipadi tu... eemmm... yummy!!!

Ok, actually the recipe is simple. But I got the iniciative to improvise it to suit the style... hehehe... Added vegeis in to balance the diet because my kids will not eat vege separately.
300 g plain flour
100 ml fresh milk/uht milk
2 eggs
salt to taste
carrot - grated
chinese celery - chopped

Mix all ingredient in a bowl except water. Add in water slowly till you got the right consistency to the batter. Not too thick and not tooooo thin... Spread 1 tbsp cooking oil in a pan and fry till end of butter. The thinner the better.


maklang said...

maaf akak nak kasi tau...Teratak maklang tu...guna

yang ada tu dah 2 tahun tak updet!

Mama Ghock said...

TQ klina...

Anonymous said...

aduhaiii.. sedapnya tengok lempeng tu.. terasa macam nak buat lempeng kelapa ler pulak...
cicah sambal tumis memang sedap.. dulu2 kalau bwk bekal k sekolah, makan bawah pokok kat tpi padang.. uhuhuhu...nostalgia sungguh.

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